Important Checklist before finalizing interior designer for home.

Whether you are looking to buy a new home or renovating an old one, viewing other homes in India can leave you confused! And the way they have been designed. Here is the checklist you can keep in list when you planning to invest in interior designing and finalizing designer.

1. Preview the work prior to making any advance deposit.

If designer ask you for to pay prior before any work finalization deal, and keep saying they can do any work, then please move on! It quite common practice among designer to first get project signed and get initial amount so that the client is onboard .But it’s your money .why to pay first when you don’t even know what your designer can deliver for you right ?

2. Portfolio check of previous projects.

When you are up to finalizing interior designer for your property. It becomes quite important to go through his previous work .It also gives you prospective of designer style , also ask or real photograph of his project that would give you glimpse of how your home will look like and help you to make right decision based on his previous project deliverability .

3 .Sample materials check.

Your designer will promise you that he will be using best and nature friendly raw material for your project. But it is recommended to check it by your own. Does little research about that raw material which he says he will be using .It’s going to be your long term investment make sure it goes right?

4. Is quotation is fair?

One question which you keep asking to yourself that is the quotation is right is the price suggested to me is the right price. well here is the good way to check that , look at the average price which you receive from other designer and based on percentile change of work whether increase or decrease cross check it with price it offered in quotation . There is lot more online portal which gives you free report based on your requirement of designing work. This could be good resource concluding thequotation fair.

5 .Is everything is on paper?

It sound good to talk about requirement and he confirming you that your requirement is been added in project work. It’s your role to make sure that all verbal confirmation is been on written and dual signed by you and your designer and does check the project flow go with as mentioned in contract .

6. Designer reputation in designing Industry.

It is quite important that you check designer / design company reputation in industry. Any award or appreciation from industry leaders or reputed company gives a confidence that company has been following industry standards for project and has been turn out as reliable company .