How to decorate a new home in an Eco‐friendly way?

A good home looks attractive and charming only when its interior is made attractive. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to keep this interior good. Eco‐friendly decorations are a cheap and good option. To preserve natural resources choosing green resources is one of the best things you can opt‐in your home. To save our earth from hazardous wastage and pollutants eco‐friendly decoration is the best option for the interior designing of a new home. If you want to design the interior of your home cheaply, then we will give you 6 Eco‐friendly ways to give a different look to your home. 6 eco‐friendly ways to design a new home after purchase.
1. Install indoor plants:
Always remember that Green plants always provide positive energy to you, they will not disappoint you in any way. Research said by an expert that Indoor plants filter the air in every corner of the house and circulates the fresh air around the home & removes the negativity. Installing green plants is also seen as beneficial in reducing sickness, mental illness of people. A spacious home without any greenery does not look good. You can go with air‐purifying plants such as the ZZ plant, spider plant, lily, etc.
2. Adopt second‐hand goods if the budget is limited
Buying second‐hand goods are not good for some people but today many people are using it. People have understood that new furniture interiors cost a lot of money. And after a time has passed it has been seen that people desire to change the interior of their house. And when you have spent a lot on new furniture and accessories, then it is a little difficult to change. Even in foreign countries, people preferred used furniture and accessories at affordable rates. In India digital medium and local markets will help you to acquire your product.
3. Concentrate on keeping good light inside the house
Do you like living a sustainable life? Are there any artificial lights in your house? This is because now you have to pay attention to the electricity that is being consumed by the old lights. And these old‐fashioned lights do not match the new lifestyle. Instead, you can use CFL and LED featured lighting systems that will produce soft and clean light inside your home. Also, do check your windows and balconies for daily sunlight to come in. Installing good curtains drapery that manages hard sunlight to come in.
4. Do not use wall paint made of toxic and hazardous chemical
The walls of the house are the ones that are visible whenever the eye is rotated. Therefore, painting the walls of the house well and choosing its color is a very important task. There are many types of paints available in the market, in which toxic paints that give problems to health are everywhere. Wrong wall paint can cause you to have allergies like irritation, headache, and eye problems. If you want natural light at home, then use light‐colored wall paint like white, cream white,
5. Avoid using synthetic material for home decoration
Use as much natural material as you can for home decoration, such as bamboo, wool, jute, plant fiber jets. Things made with natural materials are eco‐friendly. If you want to buy any new furniture or material made of wood, use Reclaimed Wood because it is pocket‐friendly and has less impact on the environment.
6. Use natural fragrance inside your home
Home fragrance keeps the air of the house pure in every way. While walking inside the house, a good fragrance always makes you feel relaxed. One should always use natural fragrances as natural fragrances do not allow health problems in any way, such as those made with chocolate. It has been seen that the strong smell of chemical‐based fragrances develops various types of allergies in people.
Hope you understood that along with the home buying a natural type of decoration is also important where you have to spend your half of the day. Also, you got the best tips on the eco‐friendly decoration of your newly purchased home.

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Date: 28th jan 2019