7 Vastu tips to consider while buying new Flat and Apartments

Vastu is set of principle which most of the people belief that it is key consideration while buying property to live a joyful life. In today’s life as we all tends to be busy to keep up with life and work balance we mostly go for finish flat rather than considering to buy property and construct house, as it involves longer time and large amount of money to invest.
Well, below are few vastu checklists while considering buying a new flat and apartment.


According to vastu shastra the entrance of apartment should be on East and North East side, it is said to bring good luck and positivity .Flat entrance from south or west is consider as not a good sign.

Sunlight and ventilation:

In vastu shastra natural light has higher importance. Flat with north or east facing windows and balconies are preferred as morning sunlight brings positive and also good for health.

Common wall Apartment

As per vastu shastra it is recommended not to buy flat with common sharing wall with neighboring apartment as it brings assorted energies to house.

Kitchen Room

Kitchen is integral part of house. It is recommended to have kitchen in south east corner of house. Gas or stove should be placed in south east direction so the person prepares food should facing to east direction only.

Living Room

Living room is preferred to be in east side. It is good for developing and strengthening better social relations.

Bed Room

Bedroom is not recommended to be in between east and south east side, as per vastu it is said to increase anxiety and conflict with one’s spouse.


As per vastu, it is recommended to avoid flat with toilet between north and north east side in the house. It has adverse impact on ones immunity and health of family living in that apartment.